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 We are situated in a very rural location in Oxfordshire and over the years have developed a real love for the Birman. They are not only a beautiful cat but by nature absolutely adore their human slaves and by slaves I mean, our devotion to their every need.

My husband each morning has a following as he enters the bathroom and cant shut the door until our bundle of birmans are in the bathroom. Everything gets investigated many a morning one of the girls has had a bath after stretching too far over the side of the bath tub ! Then he is followed down stairs for their share of the ham from his sandwich making.

The evening is spent sharing the sette and later being pinned down under the duvet by our bundle of birmans who enjoy all the home comforts that we can possibly supply.

I started breeding these divine creatures three years ago. We have learnt alot by experience
its not always straight forward but seeing these beautiful kittens born and growing up into healthy kittens is a pure privelage I would not now want to miss.

My kittens are all born and raised in the home usually where mum decides with a little direction from us they are vet checked and vaccinated fully and usually ready to leave us by 14 weeks of age. By this time they will also be wormed, litter trained, and fully weaned from mum.

All my kittens are GCCF registered

One of my great enjoyments is the follow up I get from the kittens new home and hope to devote a page to pictures from the people who have become their devoted owners.

Please feel free to email me or call with any enquires about the availability of kittens.

My GCCF registered prefix is DAUROSE